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May 14, 2017

Top 3 Best Champions Juicer Reviews & Buying Advice

Countless Scientific research shows that high intake of vegetables and fruits lower someone’s manifestation of cancer, heart problems and deteriorating diseases of aging. It is also a fact that what we consume generally influences the level of your health meaning we must choose what we eat wisely. One may argue the fact that some fruits or vegetables are delicious to eat.  However, they can be very good when used as juice. There is no offense in saying that Fresh Juice is a magical way to maximize your nutrition intake daily. The perfect way to accommodate our busy schedule without compromising on our health is through juicing!

Juicing is the process of separation of fresh fruit and vegetables from its pulp this provides the body with a wide range of vital living and raw nutrients. One important thing is you need a juicer in order to juice.

A juicer works to extract the juice out of fruits and vegetables, by creating a healthy and delicious drink. Making the decision to start a Juice journey is a step in making a difference in your health and it is an easy part but buying a juicer is quite a journey on its own. There are so many juicers in the market varying in both quality and price. Now comes the big question how do you choose? How do you know what is the best juicer for you?Picking the right juicer can be very challenging and buyers need a guide to make informed choices before adding a juicer to their kitchen.

This review will simplify this task and make it less overwhelming.The Plastaket company has been making quality champions juicers since 1953. This survey will analyze their three best masticating juicers, mentioning the pros and cons of each juicer in a bid to jump-start your juicing journey as a buyer.


Why choose champions juicer?

Champions Juicer is made by a Plastaket manufacturing company in the United States, Plastaket is a second generation, family owned business. The company is focused in and proud to continue in the tradition of its founders by making perfect long-lasting, high-quality juicers.

If you have ever seen a juicer, the odds are in favor of that it has been either a champions juicer or the one that looks a lot like it.This is a juicer that completely defines what a  kitchen category equipment should be and has revolutionized juicing for years to come.With boasting decades on the market and several improvements that have happened over the years, There is no doubt that champions juicer leads the way in the juicing industry while others follow.

Champions juicer key qualities that make it stand out;


The plastaket company makes real workhorse juicers a juicer that can almost juice anything, all kind of fruits and veggies including wheat grass and leafy greens. In this review, we shall consider some of the champion juicers and their versatile nature.


With modernization comes the ease of use, assembly and disassembly of this type of juicers are truly are also easy to get and reasonably priced.Thorough research has been one of the key areas in the plastaket company with automation of juicers among the milestones achieved no wonder champion juicers standout among the rest.


Top 3 Champions best juicers

There are champions models for both domestic and commercial purposes.The many decades of development and manufacturing experience ensure the exceptionally high quality of champions juice extractors.In this audit We shall review mostly their household juicer majorly; Champions Household juicer 4000, Champions household juicer G5-PG710 Black, Champions household juicer G5-NG853S.


Champions Household juicer 4000

The juicer is available in color of your choice red, black or white. The good thing is everything you need is all inclusive in the package there isn’t any need to purchase any extra attachment. It includes floating cutter, which is designed to separate juice and pulp in a continuous operation. The cutting blades are made of stainless steel. They are cast into utter strength and durability.

Two augers are included in this type of juicer.The green auger is used for leafy vegetables and wheat grass whereas the black auger is used for fruit and vegetable juices.

It has a blank plate for grinding and homogenizing foods. A perfect example is that it will make coconut milk, baby food, fruit sauces, frozen banana ice cream and dairy ice cream. This juicer is also narrower, shorter and slightly lighter.



  • Powered by a third horsepower, heavy-duty General Electric motor.
  • Large 2.25” Diameter Feed Spout,1725RPMS,540-watt motor,110V 60Hz
  • Heavy duty food processor for vegetables leafy greens and fruits.
  • Two separate augers (Grinding auger and green auger)
  • 5-year limited Manufactures warranty(1 year on cutter blade and screens)


I can attest the efficiency and the longevity of this juicer, good speed, and no frequent repairs. My friend recommended it to me since then I have never regretted a bit. The color of the juice is just so tantalizing with dark pigment meaning all nutrients are extracted even to the last ounce.-kimberly, San Diego

Just like Kimberly from San Diego rip the benefits of this powerful juicer each day, live healthily with no frustrations or fear of breakage any time.


The champions Household juicer 4000 main shortcoming is that the motor tends to warm up after a lot of juicing. However, you can prevent this by juicing in short intervals.

Buying advice

Looking to get good value for your money? The Champions Household juicer 4000 Juicer is a great appliance for its price tag. The Champions Household juicer 4000 Masticating Slow Juicer is a robust, quality built juicer with a host of other countless capabilities. It’s compacted design, ease of use and easy arrangement will enthuse passionate juicers. Not to mention the boundless health benefits one achieves from drinking tasty and great nutrient content juice.

For someone looking to buy a juicer that is quiet and powerful in extracting juice with little effort from their side Champions Household juicer 4000 Juicer is then of highly recommended models

Final verdict and recommendation

The champion 4000 juicer is the most modernized juicer manufactured by the plastaket company. Its versatility, convenience, and efficiency are the key ingredients to your juicing journey. I would no doubt recommend this juicer and it’s worth an investment. This is an assurance that if you taste champions 4000 juice you will have tasted the value for your money and quality is not debatable.



Champions household juicer G5-PG710 Black


  • Run by a full a third horsepower, heavy-duty Universal Electric motor.
  • Use homogenizer to produce veggie loaves, baby foods, sherberts, nut Butters and Fruit sources
  • Huge 1.75 diameter feed chute.
  • Runs at 1725rpm
  • Has a motor rated at 540-watt, 110 50 Hz
  • Ten years constrained producer’s guarantee/5 year restricted guarantee on all squeezing parts and a 3-year guarantee on motor.

This masticating juicer uses a two stage process. First, the ingredients are cut and chopped by stainless steel blades. Next, the produce is crushed against the juicing screen to extract juice.

  • The 1.75 0 feed chute is wide enough to accommodate whole medium-sized fruits and vegetables
  • All juicing parts are made with food-grade nylon and stainless steel.
  • Optional attachments for homogenizing and mixing. so it’s a versatile juicer.
  • Automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing


Discussion from testimonial

I have used many juicers. Recently I thought I would get one that is really rated highly.It’s an upright masticating juicer, priced very high. I got thinking I would love it but I absolutely hated it. It clogged and jammed every time I used it which was very often! I would also regularly check for electrical shocks when I had to unjam it and hit the reverse switch at the back.

Was I ever happy that after almost 6 months that frustrated user that the store I got it from I took it back?Luckily enough I now have Champions household juicer G5-PG710 Black and I really love it. I know there is no juicer I would rather have than this.

It’s solid, powerful, masticating, easy to use and clean and does not jam or clog just to mention a few outstanding qualities. I will never stay from the champion juicer. Susan Stevenson.


Avoid frustrations from other juicers grab your Champion household juicer G5-PG710 Black juicer and put a smile on your face and that f your family.

Some of the shortcomings of this juicer include:

  • It is not good for juicing leafy greens because of high rpm and it requires extra attachment to do so
  • It is not dishwasher safe, requires someone to wash it manually.
  • It is not suitable for quiet juicing it’s a noisy masticating juicer
  • It is very bulky and heavy therefore needs to sit on a strong surface

If you need to juice leafy greens you will need to get special attachment thus an added expense on top of the juicer price.

Buying advice

Need a long lasting juicer?

Rest assured this is a juicer that is known to last for a very long time. Its toughness and versatility come with a10year warranty peace of mind. If you want to spend money on a durable masticating juicer then there is no doubt in choosing a G5-PG710 juicer.

The champion G5-PG710 juicer is a heavy-duty and highly rated masticating juicer. This brand of champions juicers has stood the test of time and earned respect from lots of consumers if you look at it.  its bound to last for a very long time. High-speed of1725rpm means that you can fill a glass of juice very quickly.



Champions household juicer G5-NG853S

Features include:

  • Heavy duty juicer for fruits and vegetables
  • Includes instruction guide, sieve, juicing screen, tamper and juicing screen.
  • Powered by 1/3 horsepower, heavy-duty General electric motor.
  • Large 1.75” diameter feed duct
  • Ten years limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The motor and the whole appliance system is very reliable even after many years of use. Due to its well-engineered structure and clogging will never be an issue.
  • One can enjoy great uninterrupted juicing since you can throw larger pieces of produce without having to stop to remove pulp or to clean the appliance.


Discussion from the testimonial

What more can someone ask for than to go and get his or her own champions juicer G5-NG853S? Laura Hills from South Carolina has used her Juicer for more than 10 years now and still counting.

 I have owned my champions juicer G5-NG853S since 2004 and it is still humming along being a great juicer after all these years. Truly a lifetime purchase and there aren’t many kitchen appliances you can say that about. Laura Hills, South Carolina

What to watch out for in this juicer?

Despite all the incredible performance, it has the following shortcomings:

  • It does not juice wheat grass and is not good for juicing green leaves or herbs therefore not recommended for vegans and raw food takes.
  • Juicing citrus fruits gets a rather frothy juice which most people find unpleasant.
  • This machine is rather bulky and has utilitarian style and plastic covered parts do get stained.

Buying advice

Need a high-speed juicer?

Anyone with the willingness to buy a high-speed juicer this is one that you can’t miss on your kitchen counter top.

Most reviewers would agree with me that having this juicer at your kitchen counter top is one thing someone might consider. The rugged nature of G5-NG853S is something worth mentioning about, high speed of 1725rpm means time conscious people this is your best bet.




To conclude, the discussed features really work. However, they must be coupled with your great handling of the juicers. Even though a juicer may be durable, it won’t last that long with poor handling.

Always follow the juicing procedures and recipes for a specific juicer. It is of great importance to always observe these two rules:

  • Don’t fail to slice the veggies before to juicing just because the juicer can take the whole produce. Whole produce juicers block also.
  • Prioritize cleaning to maximize the effectiveness of your juicer.

If you follow these rules to the later, your juice will perform, and you will automatically give it five-star evaluations. If you do not, there will be concerns

Top 4 Best Kuvings Juicer Reviews & Buying Guides

Imagine on a warm summer day and you are coming from an afternoon walk in the hot day sun. Your body is really lusting for something cold to drink to quench your thirst. You go straight to the kitchen get a glass of cold water from your water dispenser. As you drink your water slowly you get the feeling that you need something more. Then your recall you have some juicy fruits kept in the freezer. But no, your body needs something to drinkable to quench the thirst. Now imagine if you have a juicer…

It is exciting to juice. A fun and cheap method to keep young and healthy. That fresh juice from that ripened, tasty pineapple or that yummy banana contains very important revitalizing vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and minerals

All these nutrients, complete with such healthy goodness, are ruined during cooking or processing of these products. It brands the masticating juicer (known also as cold-press juicers) a countless bonus to families universally. However, picking a suitable juicer may be a difficulty. Buyers require an enlightening guide to aid them to traverse the complexities in juicing appliances.

This audit makes that undertaking less overwhelming. Kuvings a multinational company has been manufacturing quality juicers as from 1978. This survey will analyze their best juicers to kick you off on buying the juicer that you need.


Why is Kuvings juicer is the best choice for you?

The manufacturing organization Kuvings has an impression in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. It is a pioneer in the particular kitchen machines industry. It has been improving and creating quality items since 1978. This is when the organization was built up. These items entail masticating juicers, that have won honors numerous circumstances in exchange expos. Examples include the INPEX worldwide and Expo-Shanghai Awards.

It has two major qualities:

  • In advancement circles, it consistently concurs that amount prompts quality. This review will consider about nine types Kuvings juicers. The benefits of a wide variety are that customers have different options. This ensures that they are able to acquire the juicers that will best satisfy their needs
  • This gives the company chance to input more resources in product development through research and innovation. By specialization, the company has been able to produce the best juicers in the market. As it is commonly said practice makes perfect, the company has almost perfected the art of making juicers

In 2014, the association Kuvings was set the best Proficient Juice extractor in Denmark, the finest juicer maker in Australia, an Australian customer magazine; won  Gold Prize because its juicer at Seoul International Invention Fair; it won the Silver Prize for its incredible juicer in the Seoul International Fair. Whole Slow Juicer was a picked one in the “Spark Product Design Awards”.

The above illustrations are some few examples of the company’s incomparable brilliance in innovation, product design. They also demonstrate the popularity and manufacturing ability of the company when it comes to cold press juicers



For diversity, Kuvings has numerous models of juicers. They include Kuvings Silent Juicer Sc Series, Kuvings Centrifugal Juicer,  Kuvings Slow Juicers and Kuvings Masticating Slow Juicers. Categories of juicers centered on technique, dimension and speed include pulp ejecting, centrifugal, masticating, vertical horizontal juicers

Below is review of some of their best juicers



This type of juicer was created to curb the large chunk of nutritious goodness unexploited when by old-style high speed grinding technology.

It is a Pleasant simple juicer to utilize. Snappy and simple, and allows large pieces of fruit to be put down the chute, so less is one of the easiest juicers to clean when compared to other types of juicers. Extraordinary introduction juicer to start without a considerable measure of work.

This type of juicer also saves the time and effort of having to push ingredients into the feed actually has the pull-down feature already mentioned which does this work for you.

It being amongst the best masticating juicers available in the market, it doesn’t come with a huge price tag. This makes it budget friendly and very easy to acquire.



  • It runs at slow speeds of about 80 rpm hence it is very quiet
  • It has a very reliable 170watt motor
  • The juice produced has less foam as compared to the traditional dual gears. This makes a clearer and cleaner drink.
  • There is also provision for automatic feeding design for convenient and quick operation. This feature helps pull-down components without the aid of the pusher. It then cuts these elements in manner that ensures effective squeezing
  • The used technology reduces oxidation of enzymes in the veggies or fruits. This results in the production of higher nutritional produce.
  • It is capable of performing different types of food processing i.e. juicing, grinding and mincing. This creates versatility by having seven different nozzles for food processing.
  • Ability to isolate the flesh from juice automatically. All you need to do is to leave it for about 30 minutes. When you come get back your pure sweet cold juice will be ready waiting for you. Amazing!

Buying advice

The Kuvings NJE-3580U Juicer is an awesome apparatus at its cost and Kuvings client administration excellent also.The Kuvings NJE-3580U Masticating Slow Juicer is a strong, quality manufactured juicer which has a large group of different innumerable abilities. It is solid configuration, usability and simple course of action will enthuse energetic juicers. Also, there are vast medical advantages one accomplishes from drinking top notch and extraordinary supplement content juice

For someone looking to purchase a juicer that is silent and powerful in extracting juice with less effort on their side Kuvings NJE-3580 Multipurpose Slow Juicer is then one of the most endorsed models


  • Small juice cup
  • Small feed chute equals more pre-cutting
  • No strainer included



The NJ-9500U is absolutely one of the best juicers available when you figure value, execution, and toughness. The NJ-9500U is sensibly evaluated and comes outfitted with a noteworthy 350-watt engine. This juicer is made to have two velocities, low and turbo. The small speed keeps running at around 9,500 pivots for each moment and its turbo speed conforms to around 11,000 revolutions for every moment. With a potent engine like that, you are equipped for separating juice effortlessly from pretty much any selection of vegetables or organic products. Another good thing in NJ-9500U is that it accomplishes most extreme juice create while shooting very dry mash.

NJ-9500U has a protection locking system which averts damage to users or the unit itself. The juicer will not work unless all parts are assembled correctly and it is locked into its exact place

NJ-9500U juicer is the most loved among numerous reviewers who assert their involvement with this juicer was staggeringly simple and wonderful. NJ-9500U is outfitted with an expansive chute that makes squeezing less demanding. The chute size enables you to place in entire leafy foods without slicing them up. The intense engine ought to experience no difficulty dealing with entire foods grown from the ground ill-equipped. This ought to spare you a lot of planning time and significant time and exertion.



  • 11000 Rpm processing speed
  • Low speed (9500rpm) and turbo speed (11000rpm)
  • Very powerful motor
  • 110V (Canada and USA usage only)
  • High-performance design features
  • Easy to use

Buying advice

NJ-9500U juicer is appealingly pleasing and attractive and has a design which is modern and glossy.One of its features is a black and silver finish and comprises of parts with stainless steel.  Majority assessors would settle that it’s appealing to the eyes and absolutely a magnificent addition to whichever household and kitchen

Taking price and performance you will absolutely get value for your money if you buy it.


  • No one differs on how remarkable this juicer is, but some individuals say that it can be loud at times, especially when squeezing harder vegetables or fruits.


Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Silver B6000S 

With the wide feed chute, it eliminates the need to excessively chop the ingredients. This saves you precious time as preparation time is reduced drastically.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble making cleaning ease. Many users have enjoyed its ease of use.

Operating at low speeds makes it ideal juicer for health enthusiasts. This is because there is no oxidation hence enzymes are not destroyed. As an example, apple juice juiced with B6000s is extra healthful compared to any other juicer.


  • PC premium design and the superior material (Ultem Tritan ABS) makes the kitchen beautiful
  • Exciting patented innovation is known as J.M.C.S (Juicer Module Comprising System) to extract supplements
  • Easy cleaning system Smart Cap Convenient and Flawless Stop shopping Easily self-rinse External spinning easy brush

 Buying advice

are you wishing to buy a slow juicer? B6000S should be your first priority. This is because tests have shown that on average it produces 5-10% juice yield compared to slow premium juicers. It works excellently with leafy greens which justify its premium price


  • The juicer tends to clog and jam
  • It is pricey




It has a wide chute and can juice a whole fruit the size of apple hence it saves you the time of preparation. It also has a deep recess bottom of the auger which restricts the amount of pulp in the juice

This is the juicer for people who love peace and quiet homes.  It was released in 2015 to the Asian market was available in the USA market early August 2016.


  • The low-speed gear reduction motor runs silently and retains the vibration level at its least
  • The patented low-speed grinding technology smoothly squeezes components conserving all the valuable nutrients
  • They have blank strainer for making frozen dessert


  • Quiet operation
  • A lot of accessories included


  • It is expensive



Kuvings juicers are both uses either masticating or centrifugal technology. When you really need to buy a juicer, the following information about Kuvings juicers is very essential

One or two speed?

Most juice extractors operate in two states either on or off. This means the speed control is constant. However, if the juicer has variable speed control you are able to enjoy a variety of juices.  This is especially handy if you like citrus based drinks

Which design is best for you?

Choose a design you can live with. This is because your juicer is likely to be your kitchen companion for quite some time. That’s why it important to choose with a look you cherish. However, don’t let design compromise performance

What type of juicer you really need?

Try to figure out the type of juicer you really need. This can be easily determined by evaluating what you will juice frequently. It usually frustrating to buy the wrong juicer as it will be underutilized



In conclusion here is some guidance for you. Several individuals will go through this review,  purchase a juicer that they may not use properly. This may be due to the false belief that the outlined features in the evaluations will mysteriously safeguard it. That’s won’t happen and they are seriously misguided. Juicing is quite delicate science and art importantly it is still a discipline. It is important to retain in mind these below  two important rules

Do not fail to slice the veggies before to juicing even though the juice extractor can take the whole product. Whole produce juicers block also.

Prioritize cleaning to maximize the effectiveness of your juice extractor.

If you follow these modest instructions, your juicer performance will amaze you. Without any doubt, you will reward it with a five-star review. If you don’t there might be consequences

Top 4 Best NUTRI NINJA Juicers reviews & Buying Advice


Envision on a warm summer day and you are coming from gym or afternoon jog. Your body is really yearning for something cold to drink to satisfy your burning thirst. You rush directly to the kitchen get a glass fill it with icy water.  As you drink your water slowly you get the feeling that you need something more. Then your recall you have some juicy fruits kept in your freezer. But no, your body needs something to drinkable to quench the thirst. Now imagine if you had a blender…

Juicing is an easy, fun and cheap way to keep young and healthy. That fresh juice squeezed from that ripened, tasty pineapple or that yummy banana contains very important revitalizing vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and minerals



SharkNinja Operating LLC develops Ninja appliances mainly juicers and blenders. It provides innovative, highly functional products. Due to this reason, it is quickly establishing itself as one the leading companies in this sector. The company started out in Montreal, Canada in 1995. Since then it has been established in Massachusetts and Newton.

SharkNinja is known for its competitive pricing, innovation, and ease of use. The company’s products are broadly circulated through key big-box retailers and specialty stores, as well as on its websites.

Nutri ninja offers varied types of juicers you can pick from. The benefits of a wide variety are that customers have different options. This guarantees that they are able to get the juicers that will best fulfill their needs




To completely satisfy their customers Nutri ninja juicers come in various types. Some of the common and best brands include; Nutri Ninja Pro BL450, Nutri Ninja Auto iQ (BL482), Nutri Ninja Blender Auto-IQ Complete Extraction System 1000W Professional BL486 and Ninja Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660)

Below is the review of the fore mentioned juicers



If you are reading this  Pro Blender Assessment then you are possibly pounding about bringing the health benefits of smoothies into your life. There are many paybacks in doing this. the prime one is how much healthier you will feel. As a matter of fact, you will also be healthier. Having just one healthy smoothie a day can indeed improve your immune system, make your skin radiant, and much more

The high power rating (900W) combined with the remarkable blade, implies that this blender cut with ease through virtually everything. So it does not matter how hard what you want to blend is, this blender would have no chills converting it to a smoothie.


  • It comes with a pro extractor blade. This fashioned blade works in hand with a very strong motor. It can cut through nearly everything, be it  seeds, skin, stems or even ice
  • The motor is powered at 900W
  • There are no speed options provided
  •  It comprises of upturned cup and blade that twist and lock into the base  to blend
  •  Comes with two BPA-free cups. A 500ml and 650ml cup.


Buying advice

Are you looking for a versatile juicer?  Then this juicer is the real deal for you. It’s extremely powerful considering its size, with its multi-bladed attachment slices easily through the ice.

Also, if you have earlier found the size of other blending cups restraining, you will adore the substantial volume of those comprised with the Nutri Ninja Pro.

The only slight concern is that you to push down to blend. It would be great if you could be able to leave it to juice on its own

My lone slight fuss is that you need to push down to mix, as opposed to simply leave and abandon it running. It0 would be incredible in the event that it gave the alternative between steady and pulsing movement


  • Do not blend berry seeds too well
  • Small capacity
  • Some clients notice some drips on the lid; make sure you screw it firmly before pressing down on the motor





Ninja premeditated this machine to be meek to use – attach the base with the blade system to one of the containers then place it on top of the motor then twist. Once you turn the container you’ll see the LED screen in the middle glow.

Then you will have the choice to use the two pre-set buttons or the pulse button depending on your attitude, very modest and cool to use.

You can press ultra-blend buttons. This will make you avoid the need of having of holding the container down while blending. The blend selection will give you a thicker texture while the ultra-blend essentially will deliquesce the ingredients.Out of the box, you will acquire three containers – 12 ounce, 18 ounce and 24-ounce jars with 2 sip and seal covers if you want to take your smoothie with you to work or the gym

To get you started the juicer comes with a menu book.


  • Comes with 3 containers – 24 ounces, 18 ounces, and 12-ounce containers
  • It has three containers;  18-ounce, 24-ounce and 12-ounce
  • Also, comes with 2 seals and sip covers  just in case you need  to bring these containers to gym or workplace
  • Powered by a 1,000-watt motor
  • Safe dish water and BPA free plastic containers
  • Have pair of pre-set controls –ultra-blend and blend in addition to the pulse
  • Provides 1-year warranty



Are looking for a compact size blender for making smoothies? This is the juicer for you. However, it is not versatile but its small size will be a perfect fit in your kitchen


  • They are small in size  and will easily fit in any kitchen
  • Great for making singly served smoothies
  • The motor is powerful enough even to blend frozen stuff
  • The inclusion of pre-set control gives you the privilege to set and forget. The juicer will do everything else for you.


  • The warranty provided is short
  • It is not suitable for big families



The Nutri Ninja Complete Extraction System’s Auto iQ technology features. It has 2 smart blending programs (Pro Extraction and XL Extraction) that combine enhanced timed blending, pulsing and pausing patterns. This helps to produce the best smooth consistent juice, smoothie or pure. All this is done with a simple button touch!  In addition, you can use the Nutri Ninja BL486’s 2 manual buttons for Start/Stop and Pause.

The Nutri Ninja Auto iQ BL486 comes with a selection of cups/containers which you connect directly to the top of the appliance and blend straight into.  You get 2 regular 24oz Tritan Nutri Ninja cups with Sip and Seal lids which you can take on the go with you.  You also acquire a Professional Stainless Steel 24oz Nutri Ninja cup with a Sip and Seal cover which keeps drinks cooler for up to 4 hours compared to the see-through cups.  In addition, the Nutri Ninja BL486 also comes with an extra-large capacity 48oz container. The container is used for making pleasant nourishing drinks for the whole family!

You will also be provided with a Nutri Ninja Auto iQ recipe. This helps you to get started. It contains 75 nutritious and delicious recipes


  • Specialized Performance Power (1000 Watts)
  • Brilliant Crushing Technology. It crushes whole fruits and veggies in a blink of an eye.
  • Can break down from whole veggies, and fruits into sweet smooth nutritious juice
  • Safe dishwasher and free from 000 BPA
  • It has two regulars Tritan Cups and extra-large size 48-oz Nutri Ninja and come with a procedure book


Do you like sophistication and class?  This is the ideal juicer for you. Its price is worthy in every bit as it produces a classy performance. While keeping its class, it is also easy to use.


  • It tends to move a little during blending
  • It is noisy
  • You may find chewed-up plastic in your first drink.


You will like the blades of this blender. This is because you will be able to remove the blades from the jar. This allows scooping everything out of jar easily. However, always remember to remove the blades before clearing the jar otherwise they will fall.

it has a cover locking mechanism. This unit will only work if the lid is closed. This avoids accidents


  • Specialized performance power (1100 watts)
  • Powerful crushing technology which crushes frozen fruits and ice in a matter of seconds
  • Extra-large capacity to make smoothies, creamy and froze drinks for a large family
  • Safe dishwasher and it is BPA free.
  • Has two 16-oz Nutri Ninja Cups

Buying advice

Do you have a limited budget? The price of this blender is reasonable. It is quite affordable compared to the higher priced blenders. If you love fresh juice and you are operating on a tight budget, this will do for you


  • There is no choice to add items while in operation
  • Single-serve container may be too small for some uses
  • Pitcher may begin dripping if it is not assembled correctly after disassembly




It is always good to buy what you need. It would make no sense to have a juicer in your house that you rarely use. All this because you made an informed decision while buying. Below is some of the important information you may need to know. this will help you to make the best decision

  • Which type of juicer works for you?

This can be easily determined by evaluating what you will juice frequently. Failure to do this may result in frustration after buying the wrong juicer. This is because it would not be able to serve you effectively

  • Do you need automatic blending programs?

You can also learn about automatic blending programs of the juicers. Some blenders come with automatic programs for variable blending jobs that alter between pulsing and mixing to tackle either softer or tougher ingredient. This allegedly means you can leave the blender juicing as you do other tasks. However, first make sure you check this review first to see if blender has this feature.

  • What are the speed settings?

if your blender has numerous speed settings it means it more versatile. This gives you the benefit of being able to make a wide range of juices. If you intend to make a variety of pulps, varying from mayonnaise and nut butter to soups and sources, search for one with more speed settings.

  • Does the juicer have sports lids?

These fit onto individual blending mugs once you have prepared your smoothie, converting them into traveling cups. This comes handy especially when you would wish to have your smoothie at your workplace or at the gym




In conclusion here is some advice for you. Several individuals will read this review, and go off, buy a juicer, then proceed to abuse it, trusting that the features outlined in the review will mysteriously safeguard it. They are seriously misguided. Juicing is a delicate art and a science; but above all, it is a discipline. It is important to keep these two rules in mind

  • Don’t fail to slice the veggies before to juicing just because the juicer can take the whole produce. Whole produce juicers block also.
  • Prioritize cleaning to maximize the effectiveness of your juicer.

If you follow these modest instructions, your juice will perform, and you will automatically give it five-star evaluations. If you do not, there will be concerns


May 14, 2017

Omega J8006 Juicer Reviews & Buying Advice: Take Control of your Health

For years, I have tried to take control of my health, but seem to have always found it so challenging. My journey began with all types of diets, including the South Beach Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet – you name it andI have probably tried it. Nothing really worked, that is, until I discovered juicing.

Juicing has helped me see food and nutrients in a while new way, and the best way to get it right is to make use of the right equipment from the start. When you use the wrong tools, you end up with clumps, excessive fiber, or a considerable amount of waste. This may discourage you into believing that juicing does not work, but in this review, you will learn that it is the tool you use that will determine the best solution.

The perfect tool for juicing that will transform your entire getting healthy journey is making use of the Omega J8006 Juicer. This is a piece of equipment that has a host of advantages to help you get in track with your health. In this review, you will learn about all the attributes of this product, as well as how you can use it to better benefit your health.


The Omega J8006 Juicer Review

The Omega J8006 Juicer is known as a nutrition center, and it lives up to this expectation well. It is a juicer that is designed to draw out all the juice and goodness from all types of vegetables, no matter how challenging they are to operate. This juicer has been made by Omega.

You can look forward to experiencing the following features: –

  • Components that are dishwasher safe, making this a machine that is easy to clean
  • Multi-purpose usage as this product is easily able to double up as a food processor.
  • Machine works with cold-pressing techniques
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Designer to be noise free

This product has been created for people who take juicing seriously, and want to make juicing an essential part of their lives. It is designed to be long lasting and to create juice that will help a person achieve optimum health from vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.


The Results to Expect

The final product that you receive once you begin to use this product will be worthwhile and meet your expectations. This is down to the cold pressing juicing ability that this machine has. It ensures that the juice you create from fruits and vegetables retains a maximum number of nutrients. Furthermore, these nutrients are not destroyed by heat. This is a juicer that helps you to create a beverage while retaining the best parts of the raw vegetable, such as the pulp, and in some cases, the peel. Basically, when you use this product you are going to get juice that is of a higher quality.

Since the cold pressing method works at a low speed, the juice has minimal foam when it is being created. This means that you can expect to have juice with a longer shelf life, typically staying fresh for up to 3 days.

Compared to the competition, the Omega J8006 stands out for being an excellent masticating juicer that is durable as well as reliable. It extracts the juice from the fruit or vegetable at a very slow speed of 80 RPM. This ensures that there is minimal oxidization of the fruit and vegetables when in use, and that all the natural food enzymes that are needed for the body are retained. This is something that competing products are unable to handle effectively.



The best way to discern whether a product is right for you, is to speak to someone who has used it to get their firsthand experience. Here is a review from Schaeffer,

Awesome juicer! I have been juicing for over 30 years and have lost count of the number and brands of juicers that I have purchased. The biggest selling points are that the pulp is drier than other juicers, it’s super easy to clean, fits nicely on my counter, much quieter than centrifugal juicers and doesn’t get as hot….thereby presumably preserving more nutrients. Definitely recommend

This review stands out as a clear reference of the product as it is from someone who has extensive experience of using juicers for more than 30 years. Even with all this experience, the reviewer is willing to vouch for and make a recommendation about this user. This speaks volumes about the ability of this machine to meet and surpass the expectations as expected once it has been purchased

The key take outs from this testimonial is that it extracts a considerable amount of juice from the fruits and vegetables which is why the pulp is much drier than other juices. Furthermore, it is quite which ties into the fact that it does not produce heat. This retains nutrients and enzymes in the juice.  Furthermore, it is easy to clean saving time and frustration in the process of creating fresh juices.


What to Watch Out For?

When you conduct a search for this product, and take note of some of the competitors, you may notice that the cost of this product is slightly higher than the rest. This is because you get what you pay for, and for better quality and brilliant results, you should be willing to put in a little investment.

This is also a product that delivers incredible value as it is able to do much more than juice. It can also work as a grinder making it possible for you to grind up nuts and make delicious butters. It can also work as a food processor, so that you are able to mince up a range of foods to create sauces, baby foods and even minimize spices so that you can store them with ease.

As a juicer, where it serves a primary role, it is able to transform all types of vegetables, including leafy greens, and fruits to create all types of juicers.

Using this product to ensure you get the best juice requires you to use vegetables and fruits that have been chopped up or diced. This is due to the small opening that is at the top of the food chute.


Buying Advice

With all the rich information within this review, I am sure that you no longer need to be further convinced to purchase this product. It will exceed your expectations and ensure you create amazing juices that will boost your health.

For your added benefit, the machine comes with a 15-year warranty. This is a clear testament of the quality that you can expect from the product. It is designed to be highly durable as well as stand the taste of time.

You can purchase this product in a range of colors including Aqua Blue, Chrome, Grape Purple, Green, Pink, Red, Silver and White. To get your pick of these colors, you should look at Amazon to make your purchase. There may be some colors that are on offer, so that you can get them at a lower price.  Furthermore, in certain areas you can get this product with Free Shipping, adding even more to the value that this product can offer.

There are occasional discounts available on Amazon, where you can save up to 10% on the price that is on offer. It is worth checking the website to see if there are any other value add discounts that you can benefit from.



Excellent results, outstanding performance in juicing and a brilliant investment are just some of the phrases you will encounter when you speak to anyone who has used this product in the past.

As a juicer, the OmegaJ8006 stands out from the rest because of the exceptional quality and reliability that it offers. It is a juicer that has been created with the final product in mind, especially how this product can be most beneficial to human beings.

It is more expensive than its competition, but it can also achieve much more. In addition to being a juicer, it also works as a food processor and with the right attachments, you can even use this to make some pasta. There is another reason that this is a product that needs a permanent place in your kitchen – and that is what other reviews are saying about the product. Most are raving about all the benefits that it has to offer them.

Therefore, I would like to strongly recommend that you purchase this product. It will make the whole process of being healthy much more fun. Furthermore, it has minimal waste making it easier to clean and all the pieces can safely be put into the dishwasher to get them clean.  Now, that is a product that will change your health, and your life with ease. Take charge of your health, and buy this product soon.