November 23, 2017



Barbecues are characterized by an abundance of both alcohol and food, hence the need of a hybrid grill. The sun can cause an overindulgence in calories and dehydration. Juice is important in this kind of party as it will help prevent drunkenness, it will help in staying hydrated, and will maintain minimal levels of liquid calories.

Maintaining Hydration

Juices, such as watermelon juice, provide the body with relevant vitamins, fluids and electrolytes, which prevent harmful imbalances and stave off hydration. Staying hydrated is crucial as it provides the base of body fluids, like sweat, blood and saliva. Getting enough water in your body ensures tissues get adequate oxygen, nutrients and hormones that they need to function well. Water in saliva contains enzymes that help in breaking down of food during meals in the BBQ. Dehydration causes dizziness, fatigue, impaired cognitive function and increased heart rate. Experiencing these effects during a BBQ will cause discomfort and prevent a participant from enjoying the party.

Preventing Drunkenness

If you want to prevent or minimize drunkenness at your party, it is a good idea to have juices on your beverage table. For instance, tomato juice has been scientifically proven to reduce alcohol levels by, 3 times compared to water. Moreover, the test subjects became sober within a minimum of 50 minutes.

Liquid Calories

With the amount of food in a BBQ, it is important to take juices to help minimize the level of calories in your body. When your calories intake is in form of food you can compensate by taking juices. They help in cleansing the body, and lowering the level of calories.


The key is making sure you enjoy the party and that you have a healthy BBQ menu by including juice(s), and using a hybrid grill to avoid direct contact of heat with your food.